Drown Pirate Radio 02- “Space Mix Tape 02″

Captians Blog, stardate January 9th, 2007.

The newest episode of the Drown Pirate Radio podcast is availlable now.

Click here for episode 2, The Space Mix Tape Part 2.

There are more episodes planned in the future and I could use your help. I’m looking for fantastic songs dealing with any of these topics: Robots, Cover Songs, Sex.

Thanks for listening, and please help me spread this podcast around.

After my intro, the podcast starts off with the opening excerpt from Beyond the Blue by The Christian Astronauts. Beyond the Blue is a wonderful old novelty record/religious propaganda piece. Beyond The Blue was originally released in ‘71 and has recently been re-released by Bay Area label Companion Records. This episode is smothered with chunks off of Beyond the Blue, as a matter of fact, so is the first Space Mixtape.

After Dean’s scream, the first song of the mixtape starts off. It’s off of Buckner and Garcia’s all video game themed album “Pac-Man Fever”. The song is called Hyperspace, and I swear that he sings “Hyperspace, push the only button and I’m back in the race”.

Then there is a beautiful blend into the first Kool Keith track of the podcast, Object Unknown (funky redneck remix). Quick note, I have come to the conclusion that I could do an entire 45 minute/Kool Keith/space themed mixtape, without using two songs off of the same album.

Object Unknown then mixes into Earth People, off of Keith’s super-mega-ultra-important hip hop classic, Dr. Octagon.

Then you hear MC Router’s voice cut in, and Trekkie Pride (a brand new Router/Funky 49 collabo) beams up. Load this shit into your Communicator and crank it up.

Back cover from Christians in SpaceThen comes Sister Shoup then chimes in with “Countdown”, obviously off of the The Christian Astronauts. The counting is so weird in this tune. Did anyone notice that she never says “one”?

Check out that smooth transition into MC Frontalot’s “Yellow Lasers”. From counting down till armageddon into golden shower references, brilliant. This is Front’s original demo version, different than the one on his absolutely brilliant “Nerdcore Rising” album.

Indie-rock superstar Lou Barlow scream’s “just gimme indie rock” and Folk Implosion’s “Sputniks Down” comes in. Drown Radio did a short little remix (when the drums come in) on this track. This is the only remix I did on this mixtape.

After the drums, Hum’s “Stars” comes in for a chorus. Hey, I’m really looking for the 3 Empirion remixes of Stars. Help me!
The next track is “Farward” by Micronots. A classic hip hop track out of the Midwest. There are a couple of Black Ark references in there, so it’s sort of space-y.

“Mars Attacks” is a remix version of Aesop Rock by magOWL.

Frank sings “Fly Me To the Moon” as only he cans, then Joao Gilberto does the same.

That’s Morgan Freeman from the War of the Worlds remake, over Eno’s “Warm Jets Cooling”.

Of course that famous snippet that cuts in is from the War of the Worlds radio play.

Leonard Nimoy performs “Highly Illogical” then Shatner interprets “Rocketman” at the 1978 Sci Fi Awards. You know what, you NEED to watch the video of this!!!

Seu Jorge performs “Space Oddity”. This is only available on the iTunes version of the Life Aquatic album.

The last song on this set is “Aliens” off of Dr. Octagon’s (aka Kool Keith) newest album.

The closing speech is Orson Well’s famous wrap up of War of the Worlds.

Thanks for listening to the second installment of Drown Pirate Radio. Thanks to Diana To for the new podcast logo.

ps, please don’t email me asking for copies of any of the songs played on the show. IWe can talk about trades if you have good material for an upcoming podcast theme though.

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