Crate Digger Death-match Round 1

Ladies and gentleman, the winner of the first ever Crate Digger Death-Match is:

D-Form (blog / thesixtyone)

D-Form’s album was chosen out of 6 other entries, based on the results of our panel of judges and our online poll (viewable below), making him the King of the Crate Digger Death-Match Round One.

7 of the 12 artists that entered the CDDM produced fantastic and unique albums within the time alloted. Proving once again that necessity is the mother of invention. Bomarr, Evolution Control Committee, Tanner4105, Snake Eyes, Tyler2000, Antisocial, and D-Form’s albums are available for download. Drown Radio’s failed CDDM album is also online and Hipster, Please! posted Larry Legend’s one completed CDDM track halfway down this must read blog entry of the event.

A special thanks to our esteemed panel of judges; Bart Hopkin, Baddd Spellah, Tim, and our head judge Z. from Hipster, Please! who really helped pull this event together. To all of the artists involved; thanks for making this event a huge success!

Based on the overwhelming support and positive feedback received, we’ve decided to continue running Crate Digger Death-Matches and will soon complete a brand new Crate Digger Death-Match website; (coming soon). We hope to do regularly scheduled CDDMs several times a year, and will attempt to reach sponsors for prizes, and expand our audience. The next CDDM is tentatively scheduled for April 5th, check back for details.

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