Me Geek Pretty One Day

Coming soon!

Drown Radio’s debut full length is available now! Click here to buy it 50+ minutes of nerdy lyrics, geeky beats, video game soundscapes, and ringtones all for just $8. MGPOD is sold as a downloadable .zip file that is easy to install. Simply buy the album, download the link, unzip it, then open the .m3u file. The .m3u file will automatically open your media player and install the album with lyrics and album art all step.

The new album, Me Geek Pretty One Day, is full of chiptunes, mouth harps, weird harmonies, and plenty of geeked out beats. Musically, the album aims to be as diverse as the instruments used to create it. On MGPOD, Drown Radio (aka Doctor Popular) shakes things up by mixing nerdcore hip hop songs with 8-bit instrumentals, electro-pop, and sexy r & b.

Although Drown Radio handles most of the beats and vocal on Me Geek Pretty One Day, the album also boasts appearances by MC Router, Baddd Spellah, tanner4105, and MC Inadequate as well as remixes by 8Bit bEtty and Bomarr. a Click here to buy Me Geek Pretty One Day!